Invited to give a talk at the Richmond Science Museum

Check it out!! I will give a talk on the yeast screen and yeast in general, on Thursday the 8th, in the science museum in Richmond. For more details:

Slides are here.




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5 thoughts on “Invited to give a talk at the Richmond Science Museum

  1. Nice, although a bit frustrating not to have the rest of the (spoken) talk :-)

    Btw, what’s the meaning of the slide 11 (with text “9 grams per liter of glucose: Crabtree effect will force cells into fermentation mode”) crossed starter in the lower-left side of the slide? How is it different from the starter on the top of the slide? Both are stirred after all.


  2. Hi Guindilla, that starter is filled up too high with liquid, there is not good headspace for proper air diffusion. Cheers

  3. Thanks! Mmm… looks like I must buy a new erlenmeyer… :-)

    Will you happen to record the talk by any chance?


  4. Cheers,

    In Spain unfortunately, a bit far from where a lot of homebrewing is going on (although we are working hard to change that :-) ).

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