Going Pro!!

I am going to be leaving my Neuroscience job at Janelia Farm, and will go full-time at Lost Rhino Brewing Company from September 10th on. Very excited! A big step, and a little scary to trade good old postdoc life for a commercial job. I will be responsible for all the QA/QC work, as well as for small projects, new brews, the barrel program etcetera. This step gives me more time to bank on the yeast isolations, and start my own yeast propping facility in the future as well. Keep your eyes peeled for jasperyeast, soon to be available in Virginia!


In the mean time, the last growler of the wild yeast screen has been bottled for a while now, and all bottles have been moved to the cold room to chill and relax for a week or so. In the coming weeks I will be tasting all the different successful brews, and we will start brewing bigger (5 gallon) batches with these strains. We are trading some bourbon barrels for some wine barrels, very exciting to get the sour program started..


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11 thoughts on “Going Pro!!

  1. Congrats! You’re Living the Dream!

    I hope you will continue to update us on your special projects at home and at Lost Rhino. I also hope you won’t get rid of that beautiful brew stand!

    All the best,


  2. Congrats. I hope you post about your new adventures. I’ll be helping a new local brewery setting up a barrel aging program and it will be nice to share stories.

  3. Hi Jeff, I checked out your blog immediately. Nifty little sheet you and Sam came up with. Good luck with the barrel program and let me know what happens! I will definitely keep this blog running and will have more time now to post stuff on it. We are currently testing a whole bunch of different brett strains, and will only expand. Definitely lets keep in touch.

  4. Hi Kyle, thanks for your nice comments. I definitely wont get rid of it! Thanks for sharing your NHC presentation on your website, very useful to many of us.

  5. Congratulations! I met up with you once at Lost Rhino last January and you gave me a great tour of the budding yeast lab, looks like is grown exponentially since then. (Sorry, couldn’t help the puns). I’ve got a 5 gal carboy of year old infected beer that has a pellicle with a very pleasant, sweet and fruity smell. The flavor has some of the same notes, but unfortunately since its been sitting on oak cubes that whole time it is overpowered. I plan on harvesting some and growing it up in starters, let me know if you’d like to get a sample to take a look at. I’d love to meet up again and talk beer. Again, congratulations on the new job, and best of luck with your future yeast business.

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